Two & 1/2 Years: A Musical Celebration To The Spirit of Juneteenth

Two & 1/2 Years: A Musical Celebration To The Spirit Of Juneteenth

Two & 1/2 years: A Musical Celebration To The Spirit of Juneteenth. Executive produced by noted Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston artist Robert Hodge, this ground breaking album will embrace art+history+music while weaving a beautiful story of epic American history from the voices of some of the nation's best talent. Album released on June 19, 2016 and available on iTunes, Tidal,  Amazon Music and Sound Cloud.

The Black Guys Box The Art Guys

On Saturday, January 3rd, 2015, Art League Houston will host the (art) boxing event of the new year. 

Performance Art champions “The Art Guys” (Jack Massing & Michael Galbreth) look to defend their title against newcomers, “The Black Guys” (Robert Hodge & Phillip Pyle the Second). 

The match begins at 6:30 PM, LIVE at Art League Houston.

You can watch it live on the link below:


 Ann ‘Sole Sister’ Johnson, Delita Martin, Rabea Ballin, and Lovie Olivia return with another series of works.  The opening is June 14th 6-8pm. The exhibition is in conjunction with Print Matters Houston

BLUEorange Contemporary 1208 W. Gray St. Houston, TX 77019